I would like to edit a .lco file (for scrlttr2) in overleaf but it won’t open because this file type is not supported. So I have to download it and edit it in a text editor and then upload it again. This workaround is suitable when I work with a PC but not when I’m working with the iPad. Changing the extension into .TEX does not work either (now I can see the content but can’t edit it).

How can I edit .lco files in overleaf directly?

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    Sorry, this is a question only the overleaf support can solve! Please ask the overleaf support for this, it is off topic here!
    – Mensch
    Commented Aug 30, 2019 at 19:06

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I also addressed the question to the overleaf support team and quickly got an answer (thanks to Paul Gessler). Maybe it’s of interest for someone:

„Unfortunately changing the extension won't work: a file's editability is determined by its extension at upload time. It doesn't become editable if you change the file's extension once it's been uploaded. 

But that actually enables a workaround for your case: If you upload the file as a .tex file initially, then it will be marked as editable, and you can change the extension to .lco once it's in Overleaf. Then the .lco file can be edited in Overleaf. Sorry about this inconvenience, but that will at least allow you to edit these files for the time being.“

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