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What means these error mease by using




The compilation was by XeLaTex

enter image description here

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  • The error messages indicate that either your unicode-math-xetex or expl3 package is outdated. Try updating your packages from the MiKTeX console. – siracusa Sep 1 at 4:32
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    Please do not ask questions twice! This is a duplicate of your first question tex.stackexchange.com/questions/506501/segoe-ui-for-math-mode. Wait for an answer or add more information to make your first question clearer, for example add the first line of your log file to show us the used tex distribution and version number. – Mensch Sep 1 at 4:32
  • @siracusa, I don't have these package in MiKTeX console. I have unicode-math installed yesterday and exp-testopt – Marcia Cross Sep 1 at 4:49
  • I guess unicode-math-xetex is part of unicode-math; expl3 seems to be part of l3kernel. Is the latter also up-to-date? – siracusa Sep 1 at 5:36
  • That package has to be installed, it's required by unicode-math – siracusa Sep 1 at 5:50

Open MiKTeX Console, click on Packages (marked red 1), add firamath in search field (marked red 2), click on symbol marked red 3, select needed package (marked red 4) and click on + sign (marked red 5) to install.


Simular you can checkif it is installed or install unicode-math with:


But at last best would be to have a complete MiKTeX installed, then you need not to install missing packages ...

Please see column marked with red arrow and 1: There you can see the date when the package was installed or an missing date shows you it is not installed yet ...

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