I want to achieve the following output in LaTex:

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The enumeration should be automatic (so, the next indented text should be labeled by (2)) and the text should be left-aligned. So, I'm looking for something similar to what the equation environment produces, but for text, left-aligned and with the label on the left-hand side before the text.


The enumitem package offers the label option (to achieve (1), (2), ...) and the resume option (to continue counting from a previous instance).

Here is one possible way to use the package:


% Introduce a new type of list based on "enumerate"
\setlist[sentences]{label=(\arabic*), leftmargin=1.5cm, before=\raggedright}



    \item This is a sentence


    \item This is a another sentence

  • Two problems: (a) Sometimes I need to use such an indented text inside a list, i.e. inside an enumerate environment. (b) I guess the resume parameter is always referring to the previous enumerate environment. What if I have actual lists between them? – 0xbadf00d Sep 2 '19 at 15:13
  • I adapted the answer accordingly. See the documentation of enumitem for more details and options. – Franz Zieris Sep 2 '19 at 15:21

You can use list:





This refers to sentence~\ref{first} and this to sentence~\ref{second}.

This is a sentence
This is a longer sentence that will be longer than one line; let's
add some text to ensure there will be a line break.


enter image description here

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