Sorry if this is stupid but writing

$$ \begin{array}{c}  \label{cycle LP}
    \text{min} \ \ \ w^t x \\
    \text{s.t.}  \sum_{C \in \mathcal{C}} x_v \geq 1  \\
    x \geq 0 
     \end{array} $$

the label does not appear how do I make the label appear?


Hope you meant label is the equation number, if yes, please try with the following code:


\begin{equation}\label{cycle LP}
    \min w^t x \\
    \text{s.t.}  \sum_{C \in \mathcal{C}} x_v \geq 1  \\
    x \geq 0 

enter image description here

PS: Don't use $$ for unnumbered equations, it was one of an old PlainTeX tags. please use \[...\] instead of $$

  • can arrays not be labelled? I guess multiline equation is pretty similar but the non centering is a bit annoying – Hao S Sep 3 at 16:02
  • @HaoS Agreed... – MadyYuvi Sep 4 at 4:53
  • 1
    @HaoS - You asked, "can arrays not be labelled"? Short answer: No. Longer answer: Not unless you create an entire new code superstructure -- which does not exist by default in either the LaTeX kernel or any of the main LaTeX document classes. Incidentally, is there a reason for not wishing to cross-reference a displayed equation that contains the array environment of interest? – Mico Oct 3 at 6:15

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