everybody. I'm new to the site, so I greet everyone. Sorry for my English: I'm not mother language so, I really I appeal to your patience.

My problem consists in difficulties to format my glossaries in a book. I’m using the “LIST style”, and I’d like to reduce the fixed space between the definitions. I tried in many ways but I wasn’t able to find a solutions. I’m worrying it’s not applicable to the style I’m using. This is the (simplified) code.

\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} % enable Cork Encoding



\newglossary*{prova}{Glossario del primo capitolo}
\newglossary*{prova2}{Glossario del secondo capitolo}

    \setglossarystyle{list}% base this style on the list style
        \glspostdescription\space (\textit{Pag. ##2}): %
        \small{\glossentrydesc{##1}} }%

\renewcommand*{\glsclearpage}{}%dovrebbe sopprimere il salto pagina prima del glossario

\glsaddall % sistema i numeri di pagina


\title{Prova glossario}
\author{ }
\date{ }



    non  un \gls{Pippo} qualsiasi. Intorno gira abbaiando \gls{Pluto}, e fanno chiasso \gls{Qui}, \gls{Quo} e \gls{Qua}.


\chapter{secondo capitolo}
    un tentativo con la parola \gls{Definizione} che non riesce a comprendere tutte le \glspl{Definizione}, e c'è il libero \gls{Arbitrio}.
    Tra i colori e le loro \glspl{Definizione}, c'è pure l'antico termine  \glsuseri{Rubro}.



As you can see I use an external .tex to include the definitions. I've also renewed the style, but it has no impact on the line spacing. can anyone suggest something to me?

Additional question: do you know how to format the golssaies' titles'

Thanks in advance.

  • Just to clarify: I think that the "LIST style" in Glossaries is a description list environment that probably could me modified using the enumitem package's commands. Maybe someone could explain me something about it...
    – BennyB
    Sep 11, 2019 at 7:52

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Well, I found a solution on my own.

I post it because it could be useful to someone in the future. Basically, I discovered that in glossaries-extra, the LIST STYLE is a description itemize's enviroment, so I applied the enumitem package, and its commands.

As I don't have other itemized lists in the document, I used a global command, and it worked correctly. This is the additional code:

\setlist[description]{itemsep=0.1ex, leftmargin=0cm,rightmargin=0cm}

The leftmargin and rightmargin command work on the horizontal space, and I used them to align the descriptions to the borders.

In real, looking to my question, the correct command should have been the following:


which effectively suppresses any space in the list.

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