I am using a template for a thesis,THIS TEMPLATE, and I have a problem when I add sections and subsections. In the table of contents when numbers or letters (in roman) increase and they need another letter or number, they overlap with the title, as you can see in the screenshot below.


I suppose the problem is the use of \dottedtoc as a package and some settings in \tableofcontent, I can't center the title or allineate to the left, the enumeration and the content still overlap. Someone can help me?


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You could try using the tocloft package but I don't know if it will work with the template you are using.

 \setlength{\cftXnumwidth}{<length>} % set the space for numbers of the X division

Where X can be part for Parts, chap for Chapters, sec for Sections, subsec for Subsections, and onwards (see the manual (> texdoc tocloft) which also lists the default lengths for the relevant division numbers).

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