How to draw a 3D image stack with tikz? (See the image below)

enter image description here


Here is an example that defines a new \imagestack command. The stack is created by drawing the frames in the background on a background layer.

    % set the order of the layers (main is the standard layer)  
    % \imagestack{image_name}{position}{path_to_image}
    \newcommand{\imagestack}[3] {   
        \node[inner sep=0, draw] (#1) at (#2) {\includegraphics[width = 2cm]{#3}};
        \coordinate (offset) at (0.05cm, 0.05cm);
        % draw on the background layer
            \foreach \i in {3,...,1}
            \filldraw[draw=black, fill=white] ($(#1.south east) + \i*(offset)$) rectangle ($(#1.north west) + \i*(offset)$);

enter image description here

  • There's no really need for complex definitions: check what copy shadow does (from the shadows library). – Claudio Fiandrino Sep 4 at 10:54
  • Thank you for the advice :) – Mr.Epic Fail Sep 4 at 10:56

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