I am writing an article which requires the use of endnotes in general, and that the first endnote be an asterisk rather than a numeral. I am using the enotez package for the endnotes, and it works fine (producing arabic numerals for the notes by default), until I use the \setenotez{counter-format=symbols} to try to change to symbolic footnotes (my intent is to then change back to arabic after the first note). This produces the error:

! Argument of @rsbox has an extra }.

This error only occurs if I have both a command setting the font (which I'd obviously like to do, and currently using fontspec for) and the command setting the endnote style to symbols. Here is a MWE - or rather, a MNWE. If I remove either of the lines followed by commented notes, it works.


\setmainfont[Mapping=tex-text]{Times New Roman} %The error only occurs with this



\setenotez{counter-format=symbols} %The error only occurs with this

Here be dragons.\endnote{`Here' is undefined.} Where?




I have no idea why these things are interacting like this. Is there an easy fix, or some other tools I could use instead to get a symbolic endnote? Thank you for your help.

  • Can you check if \renewcommand\thefootnote{\fnsymbol{footnote}} in combination with a footnote instead of enotez throws an error, too? – clemens Sep 30 at 18:13
  • I cannot reproduce the behaviour with an up dto date TeX live – clemens Oct 7 at 17:45

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