This is my first question on this site, I don't know if I can format code to display some latex example...

I am writing my PhD manuscript.

I wanted to get rid of the Chapter XX before my chapter title In order to have my chapter displayed like this : XX ChapterTitle

In order to achieve this I did

{\normalfont\huge\bfseries\flushleft}{}{1em}{ \thechapter\hspace{1pt} }

Witch give me what I want.

But I notice it has a side effect Now instead of "Content" being displayed in Table of content I have "0.0 Content" which is odd and unprofessional

I tryed


But that does not solve my problem. Which make sense because I believe the problem is not the name of the table of content but the fact it is considered as a chapter and I redefined the way to write chapter title... If anyone could help me that would be awesome.


First a simple remark about your code: flushleft is an environment. You should use \raggedright. Furthermore, titlesec defines new commands for that (\filleft,filright,\filcenter). I suspect it is because the standard commands may have unwanted side effects in this context, so it is certainly better to use the titlesec commands.

Second, you can define a different formatting for unnumbered chapter (or sections, ot …) with the numberless key. Last the hang style is the default. Here is a code:


\titleformat{name=\chapter, numberless}

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