I would like to visualize convergence of sequences in a similar way as in the following picture of Wikipedia:


Can someone help me to draw a similar picture with Tikz? Thank you very much!

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! Can you show us what you have tried so far and what is your concrete issue now? – Mensch Sep 5 at 14:03

It is very easy to draw such things since TikZ parses its expressions.

 \draw[stealth-stealth] (0,5) |- (8,0) node[right]{$n$};
 \draw plot[variable=\x,samples at={0.3,0.6,...,2.4,3.3,3.7,...,8},only marks,mark=*,
    mark options={blue}] (\x,{2+2*sin(360*rnd)*exp(-0.25*\x)});
 \draw[densely dashed] (0,2) -- (8,2) node[right]{$a$}; 
 \draw(3,2) circle[x radius=0.4,y radius=1];
 \fill[red] (2.7,3.1)   circle[radius=2pt];
 \fill[green!70!black] (3,1.1)  circle[radius=2pt];
 \draw[green!70!black,latex-] (3,1) -- ++(0,-0.3) node[below]{$a_{N_0}$};
 \draw (3,0.1) -- (3,-0.1) node[below]{$N_0$};
 \foreach \X in {+,-}
  {\draw (3,2\X 1) -- (8,2\X 1) node[right]{$a\X\varepsilon$};}

enter image description here

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