Is there a way to remove the indent in the nomenclature. I want the headings (e.g. "Latin Letters") to flush left.








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You can modify the nomenclature style file for Makeindex to force the table to the margin by using \hspace*{0pt} (as in Indentation of a longtable). Use the following style file, and save it as, e.g., mynomentbl.ist in the same folder as your .tex file:

actual '@'
quote '%'
delim_0   ""
delim_1   ""
delim_2   ""
item_0    ""
delim_t   " \\\\\n"
line_max  1000
heading_prefix   "\\multicolumn{3}{@{\\hspace*{0pt}}l}{\\nomgroup{"
heading_suffix   "}} \\\\\n\\nopagebreak\\\\*[\\parskip]\n\\nopagebreak{}"
headings_flag       1
group_skip        "\\\\*[\\parskip]"
preamble "\n\\begin{thenomenclature}\n%
postamble "\n\\end{longtable}\n\n\\end{thenomenclature}\n"
keyword "\\nomenclatureentry"



Then compile the nomenclature using the new index style file:

makeindex -s mynomentbl.ist -o yourfile.nls yourfile.nlo


enter image description here

  • Thanks, this works, but it seems that the now left aligned lines are a bit too far left compared to the heading "Nomenclature". Is there a way to fix this or why is the distance to the margin different?
    – user195973
    Commented Sep 7, 2019 at 10:10
  • @user195973 Larger fonts usually show a bit more space around the letters, so it is normal that the N is a bit further out than the nomenclature entries itself. Compare the xyz in my screenshot, in the code this is \noindent xyz (outside of the table), so that is the position of normal, non-indented text. But if you want to shift the lines you can just change the 0pt value (in two places, in the heading_prefix line and after \\begin{longtable}) to something else, positive (1pt, 2pt, etc) to shift right, and negative (-1pt, -2pt, etc) to shift left.
    – Marijn
    Commented Sep 7, 2019 at 12:18

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