I installed Asymptote and I'm trying to set it up with Texmaker so that I can compile Asymptote code within the tex document.

The problem is that I'm getting this error:

Error : could not start the command : "C:/Program Files/Asymptote/asy.exe" "C:/Users/abcde/Desktop/Documents/Test/Document-1".asy
  • please have a look here: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/126510/…
    – teapot
    Sep 8, 2019 at 2:10
  • Welcome to TeX.SX! Did you try the suggestions here?
    – schtandard
    Sep 8, 2019 at 6:43
  • @teapot I had already been using Texmaker and it was working fine, the problem is trying to setup Asymptote with it. Do you think that thread is still relevant?
    – Hb3wKh9lB7
    Sep 8, 2019 at 17:12

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Since August 2017, Asymptote has been integrated into MikTeX and therefore the previous answers are no longer valid.

For asymptote to work correctly under Texmaker, the asymptote command must be correctly initialized in Texmaker. By default, it displays: "C:/Program Files/Asymptote/asy.exe" %.asy

This is not the right path to the asymptote executable.

1. Found the MikTeX installation folder by clicking on the MikTeX console Settings Directoriestab

Asymptote is installed in the folder highlighted in yellow here, it is about C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin\x64


But, by default, MikTeX is installed in the folder


Then just copy this path and add \asy.exe" %.asy

In my case, this is: C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin\x64\asy.exe %.asy

By default, you will get C:\Users\cs\AppData\Local\Programs\MikTeX2.9\miktex\bin\x64\asy.exe %.asy

2. Just configure Texmaker by clicking on configure

configure texmaker

and then copy this path without forgetting the %.asy and it's over.

"C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin\x64\asy.exe" %.asy

3. New Year Update 2020.

I just wrote to Pascal Brachet, Texmaker developer, to change the default asymptote path on Texmaker. Version 5.0.4 of Texmaker has just been released. The default paths to the asymptote executable asy.exe has been updated.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

  • Hey, thank you so much for your answer. But, for some reason, I can't find the asy.log file in C:\Users\your-name-on-windows\AppData\Local\MiKTeX\2.9\miktex\log.
    – Hb3wKh9lB7
    Sep 12, 2019 at 17:01
  • Open the PowerShell console from any folder. Once opened type the command asy it will create the file asy.log
    – AndréC
    Sep 12, 2019 at 17:03
  • Oh sorry, didn't see the rest of the answer. Also, not sure why but I can't find miktex in my program files. Should I consider reinstalling?
    – Hb3wKh9lB7
    Sep 12, 2019 at 17:22
  • No, it's no use, open the MikTeX management console, you'll find the installation folder there. I just updated my answer.
    – AndréC
    Sep 12, 2019 at 18:04
  • 1
    Alright, sorry for the confusion. It works now, thank you so much for your help.
    – Hb3wKh9lB7
    Sep 12, 2019 at 18:35

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