I am trying to draw a directory tree. As the tree should visualize the structure of a MATLAB framework, i would love to represent the matlab files with the corresponding icon, e.g. enter image description here

I found the following code (which i dont really understand^^) on https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/405253

    \filldraw [draw=folderborder, top color=folderbg!50, bottom color=folderbg] (-1.05*\Size,0.2\Size+5pt) rectangle ++(.75*\Size,-0.2\Size-5pt);
    \filldraw [draw=folderborder, top color=folderbg!50, bottom color=folderbg] (-1.15*\Size,-\Size) rectangle (1.15*\Size,\Size);
    \filldraw [draw=folderborder, top color=folderbg!5, bottom color=folderbg!10] (-\Size,.4*\Size+5pt) coordinate (a) |- (\Size,-1.2*\Size) coordinate (b) -- ++(0,1.6*\Size) coordinate (c) -- ++(-5pt,5pt) coordinate (d) -- cycle (d) |- (c) ;
  declare autowrapped toks={pic me}{},
  declare boolean register={pic root},
  pic root=0,
  pic dir tree/.style={%
    for tree={%
    before typesetting nodes={%
      for tree={%
        edge label+/.option={pic me},
      if pic root={
          \pic at ([xshift=\Size].west) {folder};
  pic me set/.code n args=2{%
        inner xsep=2\Size,
        pic me={pic {#2}},
  pic me set={directory}{folder},
  pic me set={file}{file},

  pic dir tree,
  pic root,
  for tree={% folder icons by default; override using file for file icons
      [matlab\_file.m, file

enter image description here

This example does pretty much what i want, but i would like to change the symbol bevor the matlab_file.m to a custom symbol, like the picture above. Is there a way to get this done?

Originally i wanted to use the real icon as shown in the windows explorer. This symbol is a .ico file, which makes it a bit more difficult (as i suppose). I also couldn't uploade it here, cause the format is not supported. If someone whants to try it, the above picture can be downloaded as .ico here: http://www.iconarchive.com/download/i89749/alecive/flatwoken/Apps-Matlab.ico

But i will allready be happy if its working for .png pictures instead of .ico icons.

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    \tikzset{folder/.pic={\node{\includegraphics[width=...]{<some graphics>};}}}? – Schrödinger's cat Sep 10 '19 at 22:07
  • Yeah, that works ^^. Thanks! I tryed the same, but without the \node{}. – moro11 Sep 10 '19 at 22:17
  • What should we do with this question then? Do you want to self-answer (you were almost there)? – Schrödinger's cat Sep 11 '19 at 1:10
  • I answererd it now, i already thougt about that yesterday, but i don't want to "steal" your correct answer. – moro11 Sep 11 '19 at 14:12

According to Schrödinger's cat the solution is not to difficult, just replace the file/.pic={...}, line with

file/.pic={\node{\includegraphics[width=10pt]{<some graphics>}};},

Works perfectly fine.

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