I'm trying to define a new keyword Let ... In ... End for my algorithm, it has two parts, like the keyword Let in this algorithm:


I have tried to define a block, but I found that only the stuffs like While ... End (which has only one block) can be defined.

Sorry for my poor English, but I have no idea how to typesetting this kind of blocks in algorithm2e.

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algorithm2e defines a command \SetKwBlock which can be used to define new block structures. While the documentation says this command defines two variants, one for blocks with an explicit end-marker and one without, the latter actually doesn't seems to be defined. It could be used to build our let-in-structure from two such blocks.

We thus have to resort to more low-level functions. The following code defines a new block structure \LetIn{<definitions>}{<usage>} based on patterns used by the \SetKwBlock and \SetKwSwitch macros:


    \ifArgumentEmpty{#1}\relax{ #1}%
    \ifArgumentEmpty{#1}\relax{ #1}%

            {true part}
            {false part}
            {definitions part}
            {usage part}


\demo{No line style}\SetAlgoNoLine
\demo{Normal line style}\SetAlgoLined
\demo{Vertical line style}\SetAlgoVlined



enter image description here

  • Thanks a lot! It's very helpful.
    – 3usi9
    Sep 12, 2019 at 3:23

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