The standard way of creating an index is by writing something like,

"term \index{term}"

Index will not show up in table of contents

Some random \index{random} text \index{stuff!text} about fact \cite{fact}.

It would have been much more efficient and more elegant to write only


The problem is that, Latex will not show "term" in the output pdf if only \index{term} was written.

Is there anyway to change this behavior?


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Node that you should do


or some recommend



term \index{term}

Or you may get a page break after term and the index will refer to the following page. The choice of which of the first forms to use depends if your "term" can be hyphenated and what you want to do if the page break occurs at the hyphen, index the start or end of the term.

You can define


then use


If that is more convenient.

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