I encounter an issue with the following code and must admit that I was able to find trick on the forum for now.


\begin{animateinline}[loop,poster = first, controls]{1}
   \foreach \x in {a,b}{


When I unflatten the list, there is no problem. However, the \foreach loop throws an error (Undefined control sequence).

I can't find any workaround.

Thank you for your help

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    Hi, welcomme. Please add a compileable code. – AndréC Sep 13 '19 at 12:41

Pkg animate has its own looping device, \multiframe. It should be used instead of external looping commands, such as \foreach, with a \newframe in the loop body.

For parameterizing the file name argument of \includegraphics with non-numeric values ("a", "b", "c"), use pkg pgf's array-like expression in combination with \multiframe:



\def\imgID{{"a", "b", "c"}}


\begin{animateinline}[loop, controls]{1}
  \multiframe{3}{i=0+1}{  % i = <init. val.> + <incr.>


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