I recently discovered that the double square brackets \llbracket and \rrbracket from stmaryrd are available as unicode characters ⟦ and ⟧, which makes them easy to use with LuaLaTex.I was even more pleased to realize that those work with \left, \bigl etc. without any further DeclareMathDelimiter sorcery, they are already recognised as delimiters. That means I can write

\[ \left⟦ \sum \right⟧ \]

and get

enter image description here

So I wondered, is there some list of all math delimiters that are recognized out of the box?

  • They are listed in the “Comprehensive list of LaTeX symbols”, texdoc comprehensive.
    – egreg
    Sep 15, 2019 at 9:07
  • @egreg That lists them as part of the stmaryrd package. My point is that they even work without the package, and I wondered what other delimiters might work. I tried to clarify this. Sep 15, 2019 at 9:22

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As egreg mentioned in a comment, a list of delimiters can be found in the "Comprehensive list of LaTeX symbols", texdoc comprehensive. This list contains all symbols that work out of the box, even for LuaLaTeX.

Using math delimiters which are accessible as Unicode characters sounds like you are using the unicode-math package. This package provides a lot of additional delimiters (and other symbols) which are listed in "Symbols defined by unicode-math", texdoc unimath. Of these, all symbols from the categories "Opening symbols, \mathopen", "Closing symbols, \mathclose" and "Fence symbols \mathfence" are set up as delimiters. (For the fences, there are additional left and right variants prefixed with l or r)

The precise list which delimiters you can use also depends on your font: For example the default Unicode Math font "Latin Modern Math" doesn't provide most symbols which aren't accessible from traditional LaTeX but this can be seen in the list too.

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