As shown in this answer, we can strikeout text like abc $x=y$ using \st or \sout from the ulem and soul package, respectively. However, both approaches don't work if the text contains an equation environment (e.g. abc \begin{equation}xyz\end{equation} abc). I know that there are options to strike out math (e.g. by \cancel from the cancel package), but how can we strikeout both?

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You can put the combined contents in a tcolorbox and draw the strikeout on top using the finish key. This answer is based on the answer to Strike a paragraph of text by Ulrike Fischer. I added the pattern fill, a custom pattern with wider lines, and a new tcolorbox environment to make it easier to use the box multiple times. Note that it is not possible to partially strike out a line, because the box is rectangular. However, other strikeout patterns (horizontal lines for example) are possible by modifying the pattern for the \fill command.


 enhanced jigsaw,
 frame hidden,
 finish={\fill[pattern=mystrikeout] (frame.north west) rectangle (frame.south east);}

some text

\noindent abc

some more text


enter image description here

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