When I finish the theorem section the next line is not lined up properly.

This is seen in:


enter image description here

There no rational number whose square is 2.
Any rational number $r=\frac{p}{q}$ where $p.q\in\mathbb{Z}, q\neq 0$. in particular one can assume that p.q have no common factors.\\
(by contradiction) supposed $\exist r$ such that $r^2=l$\\
$\frac{p^2}{q^2}=2$, then\\
            p^2 =2q^2 &\Longrightarrow \text{p is even} \\
            &\Longrightarrow p=2k \qquad \text{for some } k\in\mathbb{Z}\\
            &\Longrightarrow p^2=(2k)^2=4k^2\\
            &\Longrightarrow 2q^2=4k^2\\
            &\Longrightarrow q^2 = 2k^2\\
            &\Longrightarrow \text{q is even}\\
            &\Longrightarrow \text{both p.q are even}\\
            &\Longrightarrow \text{p and q have a common factor, namely 2. which is a contradiction}.\\

\Longrightarrow \text{conclude that no rational number squared equals to 2}

$\mathbb{N} =\{1,2,3,...\}$\\
$\mathbb{Z} =\{...-2,-1,0, 1,2...\}$\\
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    The next thing after a theorem is assumed to be a new paragraph. In your example this is reinforced by the presence of a blank line in the source. The indentation is merely an ordinary paragraph indent. You can suppress it by inserting \noindent, but somehow this doesn't seem quite what you probably want. Also, it's not the best practice to embed a proof within a theorem. It's not clear what theorem package you're using, but none of them (that I'm aware of) recommends that. – barbara beeton Sep 17 '19 at 1:43
  • I used the one I find online that do not number the theorems and added the colour. `````` \newtheorem*{them}{\textcolor{OliveGreen}{Theorem}} `````` – lily Sep 17 '19 at 2:06

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