When I'm forming an unordered list, if one of the list items involves a long line of text, the corresponding bullet is not indendented in line with the other items.

Here's my example:

     \item Tangent Bundle TM
     \item Cotangent Bundle T^{*}M
     \item Tensor Bundles TM \otimes TM \otimes \cdots \otimes T^{*}M \otimes T^{*}M \otimes \cdots T^{*}M 

The third item in the list is not indented. How do I make the bullets align, regardless of the length of text in each item?

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    There are errors in your code. ^ and \otimes must be used in math mode. Put your equations in math mode and then it will compile fine and the indentation will be fine. – David Purton Sep 17 at 6:16

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