Footnote without a marker

Using it can crete footnotes without marks but they will can be confusing with marked footnotes.

  note 1
  1 note 2
  note 3

note 3 can be seen as an extension of note 2.

I'm thinking that using a symbol will work to distinguish between the notes but adding it to the front produces an offset issue.

    ! note 1
  1 note 2
    ! note 3

What I'd like is a command where I can set the footnote symbol


and it would replace the counter with dagger, all the alignment will be correct.


Hacking together some stuff gives

\usepackage[perpage, para*]{manyfoot}


and seems to work.

\fn{}   [uses counter]
\fn[]{} [default to dagger]
\fn[*]{} [uses * as symbol]

This may not match exactly what you want because it groups the different kinds of footnotes rather than interspersing them, but I post in case it is useful:

Filler text.\footnote{A footnote.}
Filler text.\footnote{Another footnote.}
Filler text.\footnoteB{Yet another footnote.}
Filler text.\footnote{Still yet another footnote.}
Filler text.\footnoteB{How many footnotes can you get?}

MWE output

  • I'd rather not use multiple commands... see my answer for a solution that seems to work. It does not order them, which would only be the last thing I'd want, but otherwise it does everything else. Maybe it can be modified to use what you have done? (Declare a new footnote and use that) Also, I'd like to stick the symbols at the front rather than below. – user184375 Sep 18 at 12:19
  • You can put the symbols as the first group. To me there isn't much difference in using a different command to using an optional argument. It seems like bigfoot can intersperse, but I can't make sense of the manual at the moment. – David Purton Sep 18 at 12:30
  • I was able to use many foot to get what I wanted using your method. The only problem is that I would like to left-justify the footnote and indent any wrapped lines rather than the reverse. When I use para it puts footnotes on the same line. It's not a huge deal but that would be the last thing I'd want. – user184375 Sep 18 at 13:08
  • @Chieron, I think manyfoot can work with footmisc to format your footnotes how you want. – David Purton Sep 18 at 13:30

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