I currently work on an edition in which I want to render passages that have been marked as 'done' by the source's author (e.g. todo lists). Some of the crossed out items are underlined, and I want to serialize that, too.

Depict these phenomena separately isn't a problem in ConTeXt 1.01., e.g.


\underbar{Some underlined text.}

\overstrike{Some text that's crossed out.}


Combining the two of them, however, doesn't work:


\underbar{Some underlined \overstrike{crossed out} text.}

\overstrike{Some crossed out text with an \underbar{underlined} word.}



How can I achieve a text that's both underlined AND crossed out?

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    The bars work via LuaTeX's node attributes. In principle stacking could be implemented but it currently isn't. Perhaps ask on the mailing list. – Henri Menke Sep 30 at 20:45

you can use a combination of textbackground and overstrike:

  [location=text, voffset=-2pt,alternative=1,background=,frame=off]


\startunderline Some underlined \overstrike{crossed out} text.\stopunderline


  • This works fine for me. I only had to adjust the framecolor which seems to be blue by default for some reason. – meliade Oct 10 at 12:04

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