I want a table to show the process involved in integration by parts. Here is what I have (from Equation with vertical arrow):


  \begin{array}[t]{@{}c@{}} #2 \\
  \left\uparrow\vcenter{\hrule height #1}\right.\kern-\nulldelimiterspace\\

\displaystyle \int x\exp(ax)\, dx\, &\vertarrowbox[8pt]{=}{%
    $u=x$ & $du=dx$ \\\hline
    $dv=\exp(ax)\,dx$ & $v=\displaystyle\frac{1}{a}\exp(ax)$\\\hline
\end{tabular}} \frac{x}{a}\exp(ax)-\frac{1}{a}\int\exp(ax)\, dx\\

enter image description here

I want to align the vertical line of the table with the arrow, and also if possible change the arrow style (like -Latex style in tikz).


I propose this solution, using mathtools, makebox and makecell, with some manual adjustment:

\usepackage{mathtools, nccmath}
\usepackage{makebox, array, makecell}


 \int x\exp(ax)\, dx\, & = \frac{x}{a}\exp(ax)-\frac{1}{a}\int\exp(ax)\, dx\\
  & \makebox*{${}={}$}{$\uparrow$}\\[-0.5ex]
\MoveEqLeft[-0.2] \mathclap{\begin{array}{|l|l|}
    u=x & du=dx \\\hline
    dv=\exp(ax)\,dx & v=\mfrac{1}{a}\exp(ax)\\\hline


enter image description here

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