I want to express a variable that has "square root units", i.e. 0.8e-3 m/sec^1.5.

Example usage of units

I have tried to use the SI package:


However, this does not work. It only works in cases like this:


Is there a good way of expressing "square root units" or similar? Or is it necessary to use a workaround like:


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Arbitrary powers can be given using \tothe:


\SI[per-mode = symbol]{0.87e-5}{\metre\per\second\tothe{1.5}}


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I've had to deal with noise figure calculations in the past, where things are often expressed in volts per square-root-hertz. Because this was the only fractional power unit I ever used, I just declared:


which I would use as:


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In your case you could write:


enter image description here

assuming that the unit Hertz makes sense in your case. You could define $\sqrtsecond$ instead.

I admit it's not a generic solution. But since fractional units are not that common, maybe you don't need one.

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