I am using using the package \usepackage{glossaries} to insert abbreviations in my report, loaded from myglossaries.tex file, as below:



And then define the abbreviations in myglossaries.tex as:

\newacronym[type=\glsdefaulttype]{svm}{SVM}{Support Vector Machine}
\newacronym[type=\glsdefaulttype]{gps}{GPS}{Global Positioning System}
\newacronym[type=\glsdefaulttype]{gis}{GIS}{Geographic Information System}
\newacronym[type=\glsdefaulttype]{dt}{DT}{Decision Tree}
\newacronym[type=\glsdefaulttype]{bn}{BN}{Beyesian Network}
\newacronym[type=\glsdefaulttype]{crf}{CRF}{Conditional Random Field}

Output OK:

enter image description here

Queation: How do I disable displaying full meaning of abbreviations at First Use, so for instance at first use of \gls{gps} in main text only GPS should appear not Global Positioning System(GPS). So that full meaning appears only in list of abbreviations.

To reproduce, I give the following example (First Use).


    \begin{tabular}{ | m{1.5cm} | m{1.4cm}| m{1.5cm} | m{3.5cm}|m{1.5cm}| m{1.4cm} | m{1.2cm}| m{1.2cm}|}
     Author(s) &  Modes Detected & Classifier & Features & Population & External Data &  Period & Accuracy \\
     \cite{zheng2008understanding} & 4 & \gls{dt}, \gls{bn}, \gls{svm}, \gls{crf} & velocity \& acceleration (statistics) & 65 users [GeoLife] & No & 10 months & 76.1\%\\
      \cite{zheng2008learning} & 4 & DT & distance, velocity \& acceleration statistics & 45 users [GeoLife] (check) & No & 6 months & 72.80\% \\
    \caption{A summary of previous studies.}


enter image description here

Instead, I want it to look something like:

enter image description here

  • Please always provide an MWE with your question. This helps people trying to help as well as others with similar problems and usually the process of creating a good MWE helps you as well.
    – schtandard
    Sep 21, 2019 at 21:15

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The easiest way would be to use the glossaries-extra package. Its default configuration is to use the style short-nolong for abbreviations created with \newacronym (as opposed to \newabbreviation). You can of course create your own abbreviation types or change the default ones if that distinction is insufficient for your needs. For details, see chapter 3 of the documentation.

  • Thank you, it does the job.
    – arilwan
    Sep 21, 2019 at 22:29

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