I follow http://shantoroy.com/latex/how-to-write-algorithm-in-latex/ and https://www.overleaf.com/read/rddymzwmnqgb

I have

\caption{Put your caption here}


\Procedure{Roy}{$a,b$}       \Comment{This is a test}
    \State System Initialization
    \State Read the value 
    \If{$condition = True$}
        \State Do this
        \If{$Condition \geq 1$}
        \State Do that
        \ElsIf{$Condition \neq 5$}
        \State Do another
        \State Do that as well
        \State Do otherwise

    \While{$something \not= 0$}  \Comment{put some comments here}
        \State $var1 \leftarrow var2$  \Comment{another comment}
        \State $var3 \leftarrow var4$
    \EndWhile  \label{roy's loop}



! Undefined control sequence. \Procedure

enter image description here

How to fix it?


I am missing


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