How would you reproduce the diagram below? I was attempting with xymatrix, but I don't know how to get sufficient space between the two arrows to fit the vdash symbol, while keeping the arrows straight.

enter image description here

  • You should show what you're tried. – Werner Sep 23 at 2:36

Two out of many possibilities.

 A_1\arrow[dd,shift right=1.5ex,"F_1" {xshift=-3.4ex}]\\
 B_1\arrow[uu,shift right=1.5ex,"G_1" {xshift=3.4ex}]\\

\[\begin{tikzcd}[column sep=-2ex]
 \vphantom{B_1}\arrow[dd,"F_1"'] &A_1& \vphantom{B_1}\\
 & |[rotate=90,anchor=center]|\perp & \\
 \vphantom{B_1}&B_1& \arrow[uu,"G_1"']\vphantom{B_1}\\

enter image description here

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