I want the limits separated, like in the second one here:

  • TOO CLOSE: $\int_{a}^{b}$
  • RIGHT: $\int\limits_{a}^{b}$

How to I do the same thing with the vertical line "evaluated at"-limits?

  • TOO CLOSE: $|_{a}^{b}$ then the limits are too close; I want them
    more separated.
  • RIGHT: ???

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Some of the usual options are to use some \vphantom or just making the symbol larger.

 \item $|_{a}^{b}$ WRONG?
 \item ${|\vphantom{\big|}}_{a}^{b}$ BETTER?
 \item $\Big|_{a}^{b}$ BETTER?

enter image description here

Of course, you can also work with $\left. <some stuff> \right|_{a}^{b}$.

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