So I'm using TexMaker on my Windows 10 laptop, everything was working well until suddenly the output of the PDF on the built-in PDF viewer looks blurry after I restart my laptop, screenshot is below:

enter image description here

I've looked similar question like this: Built-in PDF viewer of TexMaker is blurry

But his solution doesn't work with me because I don't use KDE. I can use external PDF such as adobe, but I prefer to use the built-in viewer so that I can easily see the position of the text. I appreciate any help, thank you in advance.

  • Are you by any change using miktex? Then install cm-super. The default font in MikTeX is a bitmap font and thus can look blurry on screen. In TexLive we use cm-super as the default font, it is a Type 1 font (vector) so no blurry. If you install cm-super in miktex it will make it self the default font. (no idea why it is not the default font in the first place, perhaps because cm-super is quite large on disk) – daleif Sep 26 '19 at 9:20

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