I'm working on a class for a document (derived from article) and one of the components I want to have in the report is a distribution list. This list should be populated with a CSV-file (name, affiliation), hence my use of the csvsimple package. I got it working out of the box, no worries there.

However, my distribution list can be quite long and if I only use a two column tabular (name and affiliation), it's a long, skinny list with a lot of white space on the right. Ugly.

Assume I know the maximum length of the names and affiliations (so I can define the cells with m{<width>}. What would be the best way to generate, for example, a 4 or 6 column table with two or three recipients on one line? The aim is to make the table more square.

Bonus: what if this table has to run over multiple pages (a really really large number of recipients)?

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