I have references with long lists of authors. I want to credit them all by listing them in the index, but since I don't want to clutter my main text, I display a maximum of two names in the citations.

How do I still add all co-authors to the index?

Here is my MWE:


% Bibliography configuration
    maxcitenames=2, % cite: 1, 2, or 1st + et al.
    maxbibnames=99, % bib:  all authors
    indexing=cite   % put citations in index

  author            = {Bahador Bahrami and Karsten Olsen and
                       Peter E. Latham and Andreas Roepstorff and
                       Geraint Rees and Chris D. Frith},
  title             = {Optimally Interacting Minds},
  journal           = {Science},
  year              = {2010},
  volume            = {329},
  number            = {5995},
  pages             = {1081--1085},
  doi               = {10.1126/science.1185718}

  author    = {Paul Baker and Sibonile Ellece},
  title     = {Key Terms in Discourse Analysis},
  year      = {2011},
  publisher = {Continuum International Publishing Group},
  isbn      = {978-1-8470-6320-5}








What happens: The two authors of the book both get listed in the index, but only the first author of the article with six authors.

What I tried and does not work: Setting indexing=true will add all author names to the index, but the page numbers refer to the bibliography (here: page 2). I want to have index entries of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ... authors pointing to where the citation was (here: page 1).

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The Biblatex documentation on the \indexnames macro helped me out (which is called to add a list of names to the index):

\indexnames[<format>][<start>–<stop>]{<name list>}

This command is similar to \printnames ...

And for \printnames there is the crucial hint:

If you want to override maxnames and minnames and force printing of the entire list, you may refer to the listtotal counter in the second optional argument:


So look for the original macro in biblatex.def:


And overwrite it your own code to make explicit that all entries from that list should be used:


Works like a charm.

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