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As in the picture, there is a X//H with the double slash curved. It seems \wr is similar to this symbol, but not oblique enough and \big does not work for \wr.

How can I type this double curved slash?

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    Hi, welcome! You can always scale symbols using \scalebox, which ships with the graphicx package. And you will benefit from posting a minimal example that shows what you have tried.
    – user194703
    Sep 28, 2019 at 0:56

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You can rotate the \approx symbol and set it as a relation:

enter image description here





\ldots enveloping quotient $H \curveslash H$.
  H \curveslash H_{H \curveslash H_{H \curveslash H}}


The use of \mathpalette results in a \mathchoice with access to the different math styles (see The mysteries of \mathpalette).

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