This question came from a derivation of How to translate and rotate the heading of landscaped pages?

I want to rotate the header (with have page number and chapter name) on some landscape pages that are not sequential.

I am using the code proposed by 沙漠之子 user that works very well not generating conflicts with the other packages that I use. The problem is that this solution appear to be single shot, after \restoregeometry command I can make work the \newgeometry{,hmargin=3cm,vmargin=5cm,landscape} again.

My intention is use as:

\usepackage[a4paper,top=3cm,bottom=2cm,left=3cm,right=2cm]{geometry} % Margins.


\section{One One}

Landscape part 1


Landscape part 2


The workaround that I create is change the \newgeometry to force the value of variables that wasn't changed at the second time that the macro was called.

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