I'm trying to make a beamer presentation on how to solve various linear equations through a 4-step process. Because of the template-like format of how I want the slides to look, I was thinking of originally making a table and then copy-pasting but then I realized that it would be easier to just have a command and then do multi-columns. However, the spacing doesn't work out well.

I need to have 2-3 spaces between each of the right lines because some steps in solving equations might not need much work, if they exist at all.

(Also, I always tend to have a "end frame" problem)

Mul by LCD, Distribute \\
Isolate $x$'s \\
Isolate constants \\
Divide by coefficient




$4(3-\frac{1}{4}x)=4(\frac{3}{2})$ \\
$12-x=6$ \\
$12-12-x=6-12$ \\
$-x=-6$ \\
$\frac{-x}{-1}=\frac{-6}{-1}$ \\




Probably something like the following is closer to what you wanted to achieve. The descriptive texts can be placed individually, so you can easily skip an equation line. I have also aligned all equations with respect to the = sign and changed the size of the parentheses.


\newcommand{\stepone}{\text{1. Mul by LCD, Distribute}}
\newcommand{\steptwo}{\text{2. Isolate $x$'s}}
\newcommand{\stepthree}{\text{3. Isolate constants}}
\newcommand{\stepfour}{\text{4. Divide by coefficient}}



4\left(3-\frac{1}{4}x\right)&=4\left(\frac{3}{2}\right)     &&\stepone   \\
             12-x&=6                  &&\steptwo   \\
          12-12-x&=6-12               &&\stepthree \\
               -x&=-6                              \\
    \frac{-x}{-1}&=\frac{-6}{-1}      &&\stepfour  \\


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