\caption{.....}  }
\label{Cross-section  $$\textrm{CO}_{2}$$ EOR}

Error Message:

"Missing \endcsname inserted.

\protect l.191 ...ction $\textrm {CO}_{2}$ EOR}{{5.1}{35}}

                                               The control sequence marked <to be read again> should not appear between \csname

and \endcsname."

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    label is not the caption ... but a way to refer to the figure by using `ref` command ... So, a label like cc-Co-2 should be enough to be used. – koleygr Sep 30 at 11:19

Labels are only for internal use, they won't be displayed. You should remove all special characters like math things or spaces.

This will work:

  • Thanks for helping Maeve :) – Marius Sep 30 at 13:07

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