The following MWE gives an error; if the number of cross-referenced equations is reduced to below 10, the error disappears. The \crefrangeformat is totally standard and is taken from many answers on this site. If \crefstripprefix{#1}{#2} is replaced with #2, the error also disappears.

\setcounter{section}{3} % just for this example

\label{1}   1\\
\label{2}   2\\
\label{3}   3\\
\label{4}   4\\
\label{5}   5\\
\label{6}   6\\
\label{7}   7\\
\label{8}   8\\
\label{9}   9\\
\label{10} 10 


  • What you're getting is not an error, but an admittedly very cryptic warning message. For now, just type "r" (for "run") and continue the compilation -- the output of both \cref{1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10} and \crefrange{1}{10} will be correct. Really! A separate thought: You may want to contact the author and maintainer of the cleveref package -- his name and email address are stated on the front page of the user guide of the cleveref package -- and provide a link to this posting. Then ask him if the issue you've come across is a bug and, if so, if he might be willing to provide a fix. – Mico Oct 1 '19 at 18:52
  • I am experiencing this issue as well; has it been reported to the cleveref maintainers? If so, was there a response? – alan Feb 8 at 19:40

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