I would like to know, for \documentclass{article}, how I can change the page numbering for only one specific page to be on the bottom right instead of being in the bottom center. Currently, I am using this workaround to get rid off the page numbering (as I am facing the same issue of having a "large" table), though I would like have it being displayed in the bottom right, or maybe even in the right, page margin.

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An up-front comment: I think it's perfectly acceptable to suppress the printing of the page number on the pages with overly-tall tables -- as long as there aren't a lot of such pages. To suppress the printing of the page number on an ad-hoc basis, just issue a suitable \thispagestyle{empty} directive for the page in question.

If, instead, you prefer to print the page number at the right-hand edge of the footer line, I suggest you load the fancyhdr package and modify its fancy page style along the lines of the following mock-up example.

\usepackage{lipsum} % filler text
\usepackage{afterpage} % for '\afterpage' directive

% fancyhdr package provides 'fancy' page style, with lots of
% control over headers and footers:


\lipsum[1-3] % filler text

\afterpage{% Defer execution until start of next page:
\thispagestyle{fancy} % or '\thispagestyle{empty}'
% body of tabular env.
aaaa & bbbb & cccc \\
\clearpage % "flush" accumulated float(s)
} % end of scope of "\afterpage" directive -- page style back to 'plain'

\lipsum[4-10] % more filler text

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    Thank you so much! This does exactly what I was looking for. However, your up-front comment now makes me even more hesitant to put the page number right instead of dropping it. It was also that it "unnerved" me that I did not know how to put the page number right in case I would want to (as how to drop the number altogether I found quickly such that it seemed to be easier solution, making me feel uncomfortable not knowing how to do it the other way). However, in the moment I still favor putting the number right. Plus, I learned something which I presumably can generalize. – Sinistrum Oct 3 '19 at 11:03
  • @Sinistrum - You're most welcome! – Mico Oct 3 '19 at 11:54

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