I am trying to create a JSON file from a LaTeX report that will be used for some post-processing. For a number of values from my report I will need an expanded version that basically only includes text without any markup. The other version needs to contain all the literal code.

I tried a number of combinations of luaescapestrings and expansions. The inclusion of the literal TeX strings is working. However the expanded variant is not.

  local f = {}
  f.description =  "\luaescapestring{\unexpandedexpandafter{\@tempdescription}}"
  f.descriptionraw = token.get_macro 'GetDescription'

In the example above \GetDescription can be an arbitrary piece of TeX that is defined earlier. After this, the values of the table will be written in to a json file after having been escaped for json escape strings.

If the GetDescription is defined as: This is an arbitrary \cmd{text} about \acs{HTTP}.

I am expecting the following:

descriptionraw: This is an arbitrary \\cmd {text} about \\acs {HTTP}. description: This is an arbitrary text about HTTP.

What is actually happening in the output:

descriptionraw: This is an arbitrary \\cmd {text} about \\acs {HTTP}. description: "This is an arbitrary \\protect \\cmd {text} about \\acs {HTTP}."

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