I'm writing my linear algebra lecture notes in beamer. Often, I want to display an equation involving large matrices, but the equation will not fit the width of the available space in the slide.

Is there a simple way to shrink these equations? I'm looking for a solution that works with both displayed equation environments and align environments.

I've tried the package resizegather but this has been quite buggy.

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    The nccmath package defines medium-sized commands (~ 80% of \displaystyle) (\mfrac,\medint, \medmath) and environments (medsize, mmatrix). See whether it is sufficiently shrinked.
    – Bernard
    Commented Oct 3, 2019 at 22:23
  • General solution is given in @Bernard comment. For particular one please provide an example of your slide (in form of compilable small document) with equation with which you have problem to fit on it.
    – Zarko
    Commented Oct 4, 2019 at 13:36

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You can use \resizebox (graphicx package) to shrink overlarge equations (among other things), but you first need to put them into a variable width box. Varwidth won't do it (I tried).

Of course you could just use a minipage with a larger (predetermined) width, especially if you intend to add equation numbers.


\fbox{\def\arraystretch{1.4}% local to box
 A &= \sum_{i=1}^\infty \frac{1}{i^2} \\
 B &\neq 0


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