Hyperref automatically generates bookmarks for document divisions (part, chapter, section) in the PDF output. When opening a document with a browser we can use anchor syntax to link to a specific page or section:


But what is the format of the default hyperref bookmarks? It's not always their name as it appears in a standard pdf viewer. I haven't been able to find either (a) hyperref's naming procedure or (b) a way of parsing PDFs to display the actual anchor names.

I've found a few Q&A on how to change hyperref's defaults bookmarks. But I want to use the default bookmarks.

My test document below shows the problem. It has parts and chapters. If I open it in a browser using:


The document correctly opens at the introduction chapter page. So linking to divisions works in principle. But I can't find the bookmarks names for other parts and chapters. For instance, the following fail and land me on the title page instead:

/path/to/file/document.pdf#Baby Logic

Even though some of these are the bookmarks that appear in a PDF viewer.

Added challenge: some sections within different chapters have the same name, and some chapters within different parts have the same name. I don't know how hyperref handles bookmarking those.

Here is the test document:




% title page

{\Huge Title of the book}






\section{dummy section 1}
\section{dummy section 2}

\part{Baby Logic}

\chapter{Syntax and semantics}

\section{dummy section 3}
\section{dummy section 4}


\section{dummy section 5}

\part{Advanced Logic}

\chapter{Syntax and semantics}

\section{dummy section 6}
\section{dummy section 7}



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In your example hyperref generates destinations like chapter.1, part.2, section.4.2 so a name plus the number.

You can find that out by creating an uncompressed pdf with e.g.


and then search in the pdf for objects with a /Names entry (there can be more than one). E.g.

182 0 obj
/Names [(section.2.3) 34 0 R (section.3.1) 42 0 R (section.4.1) 54 0 R (section.4.2) 58 0 R (section.4.3) 62 0 R]
/Limits [(section.2.3) (section.4.3)]

Alternatively you can use the package option destlabel


then hyperref will try to build destination names based on labels. E.g.


will create the destination chap:introduction

Section 3.2 Options for destination names of the documentation contains more information.

  • Anchor names associated with lables, toc, lof or lot will also show up in the aux file. \hypertarget names will not. And don't forget to mention \href{file#name}. Oct 4, 2019 at 22:27

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