I have installed MixTek 2.9 using its defalt setting. Now, I am trying to use the templete of Asian Journal of Control. According to the instruction, I have to run Windows-Stix-fontinstaller.exe at first. But when I run this exe, there comes a problem 'ERROR: MikTek Path does not exist (or) check permission'. Could anybody help me solve this problem? enter image description here

  • Well the obvious people who should handle this are the one who gave you the installer. They know what they are doing there. Did you ask them for support? But you don't need the installer. Create a folder ajc-texmf somewhere and then put e.g. all the .tfm-files in ajc-texmf/fonts/tfm, the vf-files in ajc-texmf/fonts/vf etc. Then attach ajc-texmf as a new root in the miktex console. – Ulrike Fischer Oct 4 at 16:36

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