I'm using the XeTeX with BibLaTeX and biber. That's the line:

\usepackage[backend=biber, citestyle=authoryear-ibid, bibstyle=authortitle-ibid]{biblatex} 

It's working fine but I'e just get one problem with one of the DOI as you can see. The "x" on the last line looks quite stupid. How can I avoid it?

Example of the problem


"Stupid"-looking breaks in URLs are sometimes tough to avoid. From this post, you can see that the break penalty at a period (along with other symbols) is given by \UrlBreakPenalty. To avoid breaks at these symbols for a particular set of entries <key1,key2,...>, you can adapt a previous answer and add the following code to your preamble.



This will reset the break penalty locally from 200 to 10000 before printing any entry in the badbreaks category.

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