I want to write

as will be shown in chapter 3 section 4.3,

where the hyperlink on ``4.3'' is generated by \ref{sec: titleOfSec4.3}. But this \ref of course gives me

as will be shown in chapter 3 section 3.4.3,

which I find ugly as the first 3 is redundant and even possibly misleading (especially when the text is printed). Is there any way to change how \ref displays the reference to sections, i.e., to get rid of the superfluous 3 (i.e., the chapter counter)?

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    Why don't you just rephrase the text as as will be shown in section \ref{sec: titleOfSec4.3},, which returns you as will be shown in section 3.4.3,? – Alessandro Cuttin Oct 7 at 13:11
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    Welcome to TeX.SX! You can have a look at our starter guide to familiarize yourself further with our format. – Alessandro Cuttin Oct 7 at 13:11
  • @AlessandroCuttin Yeah, that's what I actually did, but I'm a bit unhappy with that for indeterminate reasons, and I was just generally curious if its possible. – mar_cel Oct 7 at 13:42
  • one thing that I can suggest you is to have a look at the cleveref package: ctan.org/pkg/cleveref?lang=en See section 8.2.1 Single Cross-References – Alessandro Cuttin Oct 7 at 14:41
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    As a reader I would be confused to see a reference to section 4.3 and it is not to be found, because it is actually section 3.4.3. As Alessandro mentioned above, I think it is more standard to explicitly write ... section 3.4.3 and not mention the chapter at all. – daleif Oct 7 at 14:45

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