Every time I execute the htlatex command in TeXsudio (htlatex %.tex) I get a lot of files in my main folder. I would prefer that the target files (html, css, png, etc.) to a folder called html and all temporary files go to another folder called htmltemp (or simply delete them after compiling the target files). Both have to be subfolders of the main one. How should I execute htlatex or a similar code in order to get this outcome?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

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    do you want to move the generated images, HTML and CSS files, or the temporary files? the first option is possible using make4ht -d htlatex filename.tex (not using htlatex, which is obsolete). – michal.h21 Oct 7 at 18:18
  • Thanks, @michal.h21. Now that I have tested you proposal, I think I want to move the html and css to a one folder, and the temporary files to another. – lfba Oct 7 at 19:29
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    I think this should do what you want: tex.stackexchange.com/a/346413/2891 – michal.h21 Oct 7 at 19:37

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