If I were writing LaTeX code directly, I could pass options to hyperref via beamer:


but I'm not using LaTeX directly; I am using Pandoc instead. I have the option in Pandoc to include a header TeX file, but it is unclear to me how I could change the options passed to Beamer, since the beamer package is not loaded by any of my hand-written lines of header code; instead, it is loaded by code generated by Pandoc itself.

I have tried to use PassOptionsToPackage (both to beamer or hyperref directly) but it doesn't seem to take.

How can I set hyperref options via beamer, when using Pandoc?

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Based on this, it turns out hyperref has a command for setting its options after the package is loaded. Using hypersetup I was able to get it working by putting the following in my header .tex file:


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