I would like to cite multiple authors in text but use a comma instead of a semicolon and there should be "and" before the last entry.

Currently, it looks like this

Deet al. (2000); Mahajan et al. (2018); Wu et al. (2016) have demonstrated

but I want it like

Deet al. (2000), Mahajan et al. (2018) and Wu et al. (2016) have demonstrated

in text citation. Notice that LaTeX sorts them alphabetically.

I tried \cite{} \citet{} and \citet*{} but always get the same first output.

I would like the change to have no effect on parenthesis citation.

I do not want a manual solution, I would like LaTeX to output the formatting the way I like without me writing the citation entries one by one.

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    Please provide a MWE, with the used classes etc. So we can try that. In this case that is really needed.
    – Sango
    Oct 9, 2019 at 7:58

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I guess you can just use one such \cite and adjust mincitenames to three, to cite 3 authors at once, if you use "biblatex". Note biblatex will choose the first ones alphabetically if I remember correctly. Also have a look at the doc, it also has an option for maxcitenames, if you want to provide an upper limit.

However, this only works if it is the same reference you cite. If you do cite different references, you approach should work, however – just repeat he \cite.

For a more detailed answer, you should possibly include a MWE.

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