Currently, I was playing around with the geometry-package in order to optimize my documents format for the different "development stages". More precisely, I was hoping to arrange for the following behaviour:

  • Having the choice between three "modes" (see below): draft,draft-with-notes and print.
  • In draft-mode I would like to have the margins and headers/footers cropped, such that the text is more easily readable on my computer display.
  • In draft-with-notes-mode I would also like to have cropped margins, expect for a rather wide margin on the right side in order to display reference labels and my todonotes-annotations.
  • In print-mode I would like to have the usual format suitable for A4-printing (without the labels and todonotes-annotations).

What is crucial for me, is that the size of the text block is left unchanged, such that I don't have to worry about my text being reformatted when switching between the different modes. This point turned out to be particularly difficult and I wasn't able to find different geometry-configurations that were fully satisfactory.

I would be glad about any tips, hints for relevant packages or even complete solutions.

P.S.: In general, I was wondering if there is a package, which would produce a cropped version of the usual A4-format, optimized for reading on computer displays.

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