I have been working on print media and I would like to format my current word style to LaTeX. I am very new to this knowledge but wanting to learn for my profession. I am really looking forward for a header like this but been messing a lot myself with the code. I believe we can do it using table but my code is a mess. It would be great if someone helps me to fix this. I need this format above my page header. Sorry for not providing sample.

enter image description here

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    Please show some attempt you've made in achieving this and specify what you're struggling with. The point of this Q&A site is to solve specific problems, not to have other people do your work. The way it is right now, this question ought to be closed as too localized. – doncherry Apr 8 '12 at 13:44


  \dimen8=\ht0 \fboxrule=0pt
    ZooZooCampaign\\ Indra Park\\ Banglore}}%
    Ahmed Patel\\ CEO, IGRF systems\\[\baselineskip]
    \textcolor{blue}{\ttfamily Ahmed.patel@icrf.in}\\
  \fcolorbox{black}{confblue}{\makebox[\textwidth-2\fboxsep][l]{>\/> Sponsors}}\\[1ex]
  IDEA Corporation\\
  Airtel Communication\\
  ICRF foundation\\
  Sree Bharathi Institutes, Banergatta Road




This is just an attempt to show some fine details of box setup.

enter image description here

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