I am using the IEEE template for ISBI conference at http://2020.biomedicalimaging.org/full-paper-instructions

The author section is inserted in the \name tag. If I put too long author. i.e. six authors, how can we break the author into two line. I have used \\ but it does not work

% Template for ISBI paper; to be used with:
%          spconf.sty  - ICASSP/ICIP LaTeX style file, and
%          IEEEbib.bst - IEEE bibliography style file.
% --------------------------------------------------------------------------

% Example definitions.
% --------------------
\def\x{{\mathbf x}}
\def\L{{\cal L}}

% Title.
% ------
% Single address.
% ---------------
\name{Author(s) Name(s)\thanks{Thanks to XYZ agency for funding.}}
\address{Author Affiliation(s)}
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You can wrap multiple author names in a {tabular} environment. In this example I've just used a single c column with manually spaced names using \qquad, which is what the sample document uses for author spacing, but in principle you could also use tabular environment with more columns and \qquad as the intercolumn space.

Author Name$^{\star \dagger}$ \qquad 
Author Name$^{\star}$ \qquad 
Author Name$^{\dagger}$\\ 
Author Name$^{\star \dagger}$ \qquad 
Author Name$^{\star}$ \qquad 
Author Name$^{\dagger}$
 \address{$^{\star}$ Affiliation Number One \\
     $^{\dagger}$Affiliation Number Two}

partial output

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  • You save my life. Thanks. It worked. I just have a small related question. If the two authors are selected as the corresponding author, how should I indicate it in the bottom of the first page as $* Co-corresponding author – KimHee Oct 12 '19 at 20:34
  • @KimHee The footnotes for corresponding author are added with the \sthanks command, and there can be multiple instances of them. Each one will produce an automatic footnote mark (*, then † etc) so if you have multiple affiliations too, you should be careful how you choose the markers for those so that things don't get confusing. – Alan Munn Oct 12 '19 at 20:50
  • @KimHee I've also made a slight change to the column specification to remove the column space at the beginning and end of the column. – Alan Munn Oct 12 '19 at 20:53
  • Yes, sthanks will provide different mask. However, I want to group all corresponding author to one mask like `star. How should we do it – KimHee Oct 12 '19 at 22:44

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