Using TeXstudios GUI, I encounter weird behaviour: the collapsing of a \paragraph also collapses the below \subsection, although the latter is of a higher hierarchical order than the former.

The following code


\section{Section [1]}
            % collapsing this paragraph in TeXstudio collapses below subsection too
                    % TeXstudio 2.12.16 (git 2.12.16)
                    % Using Qt Version 5.12.1, compiled with Qt 5.12.1 R
    \subsection{Subsection [1.1]}

Results in this GUI appearance:


Importantly, the boxed purple line indicates that collapsing the paragraph will also collapse the entire subsection below it (Subsection [1.1]).

Is there any known workaround or something I am missing?

I have tried enclosing the \paragraph call in curly brackets:


This doesn't change the problem.

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